Law school overseas?

cauamber asked:

My husband is in the Navy and next year after my college graduation….I will be moving to Italy with him after he finishes his term in Bahrain. My careeer plans are to attend Law School but where in Italy???…How would my degree be accepted when i return back to the U.S? I thought about law school online, but how in the world does that work with such a time comsuming career? Any help anyone could offer I would greatly appreciate it..

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Why do I have to attend Law School to take Bar exam?

Abard2 asked:

If I can pass the Bar exam which is necessary to become an attorney, why the necessity to attend Law School if the premise is based on learning the information to pass Barr exam? I figure if I can buy the books or read from library, pass Bar exam, and save 100k from extraordianry Law School costs, why can I not take this avenue to become an attorney?
But if I read case law, does this not truly qualify to situational experience from law school? I don’t ask in the form of a rhetorical question, but simply based on logic.
Pharmacy technician

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Law School, Med School, other PhDs too?

_ asked:

I’m going to college in the fall as a freshman. I’ve been thinking about doing a double major in English and philosophy. I love both of these areas of study. With this double major, I would either attend law school or eventually become a professor for philosophy or English (both sort of overlap, so I’m not sure which one I’d go for). Nevertheless, I’m also very interested in psychology (overlaps with philosophy and thus with English since English overlaps with philosophy). Yet I’m also interested in psychiatry. I hear and read about the negative effects of medication and practice of psychiatry, but I’m curious. Some people do benefit from psychiatry, others don’t, so I’m not going to make final conclusions. Psychiatry blends the understanding of anatomy and psychology, and so I think a psychiatrist may be better equipped to understand any connections with regard to that. So, is it possible for me to be attend law school, med school, and get PhDs in English, philosophy and psychology?
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Law school character and fitness question help?

ShouldBeSleeping asked:

So I am a senior in college and I am in the process of applying to law schools. I hit a hitch in the road when I came to the “character and fitness” questions. I went to a university but I was suspended from the school for a year due to a conflict that got out of hand between myself and my roommate. During the time that I was off, I worked, got closer to God and decided to attend a bigger,more prestigious university. It has been three years since the incident happened and I am about to graduate and hoping to attend law school. Does anyone know how this will affect me? The questions asks “Have you ever been suspended,expelled….” I am going to be honest and answer yes but I need help with how to phrase my addendum section where I explain myself. Can anyone give me some insight, what to do, what to say???
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what law school?

juandavid l asked:

I would like to attend a law school in Florida. However I do not know which one would be the best choice. In case I had the requirements to enter FSU LAW, UF LAW or STETSON COLLEGE OF LAW which one should I pick?
I live in Tampa FL so it would be more convenient to go to Stetson, however it is a private school and it is much more expensive. I was thinking of selling my house and moving with my wife and child to either Gainesville or Tallahassee if accepted but I’m worried about having to find a new place, job and all that. Also I was planning of just working a part time while attending school full time in order to make some money and help home.

What do you recommend? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Do you have to be 21 yrs old to attend law school?

Rotro35 asked:

I think I heard or read somewhere that the American Bar Association requires students to be at least 21 years old to attend law school. I tried looking at the ABA website but I didn’t know where to go to look. Is this rule true or false?

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Is forcing someone to recite a poem in front of a class against the law?

Bob B asked:

If there was a class assignment where you had to recite a poem, could you request to do it in private, or could the teacher force you to speak in front of the whole class?

Basically, my real question is: Is it against the law in the state of California to not allow someone to recite a poem in private instead of in front of the class if they feel uncomfortable?

My friend’s sister is attending law school, and she said something on the matter, but I want to make sure.

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I am considering attending New England School of Law, what area of Boston would be most practical to live in?

scottyj450 asked:

I would be looking for an affordable place where I can live during law school with my girlfriend. Most likely we would be looking for a one bedroom. I do not know that much about Boston, but I am sure there are areas that are better or worse for reasons of cost, safety, and convenience. Any advice is welcomed!

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What should I do before I apply for and attend law school?

chris asked:

I have been out of school for a while and have an undergraduate degree in Classics. I wonder what people who are in law school wish they had known before they started. Thanks.

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Is it to late to attend law school?

#1 princess asked:

I am 26 yrs old and I have a BS in managment information system. I have been thinking a lot about attending law school. Am I too old?
Do you know a website where they have information on law school.

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Why do so many students want to attend Law School?

mevadus asked:

Why do so many students want to attend Law School when the majority of Lawyers don’t make more than most white collar workers? Is it true that you can be more successful if you enter the business world?

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Does the law profession outweigh the student loans? Is a Tier 2 law school worth the money?

Laurie asked:

I am thinking about attending law school after I have done my master’s. There are two reasons why I am doing it. One is to get a second chance to pull up my grades. SInce I was living in another country, when I moved to USA, I struggled a lot with the language, ergo my GPA is not as good as other law school applicants (3.4) The second one is because I am not sure that I will be able to attend to law school.

Does the profession (what you make after you graduate) outweigh the student loans? Most good law schools would either cost me out of state tuition or be private institutions. All in all, I would end up with approximate $125,000 in loans only. Is it really worth it? Are there programs that help repay these loans?

Second of all, I have been researching and with my GPA and possible LSAT score( I am pretty sure I will not get a 162),my options are mainly second tier schools. Is going to these schools worth the cost? Or, should I just not go to law school if I can’t get into a tier 1? (You know, the saying that you are buying your profession…) Without tiers, what is the lowest ranking you recommend anyone getting into law school in order to (when you graduate) get a good job? (Please mention some good law schools besides the typical Ivy league)

If my interest is mainly research and policy analysis, should I even go to law school? Is there more to it than just the litigation part of it?

Thanks !!!!

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Is it too late for me to decide I want to attend law school in the Fall?

sabresgirl14221 asked:

Is it to late for me to decide I want to go to law school in the Fall? I haven’t prepared for or taken the LSATs or applied anywhere yet. Do I still have time or do I need to wait another year?

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