| Law school overseas?

Law school overseas?

cauamber asked:

My husband is in the Navy and next year after my college graduation….I will be moving to Italy with him after he finishes his term in Bahrain. My careeer plans are to attend Law School but where in Italy???…How would my degree be accepted when i return back to the U.S? I thought about law school online, but how in the world does that work with such a time comsuming career? Any help anyone could offer I would greatly appreciate it..

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2 Responses to “Law school overseas?”

  1. sickofmyoffice on May 12th, 2009 2:33 pm

    Do not pursue law school in Italy unless:

    1. you have unlimited amounts of money and want the experience
    2. you are deeply interested in Italian law and plan to incorporate it into you U.S. practice

    If you plan to practice law in the United States, you have to attend an ABA accredited, American law school or at least take the equivalents of an American J.D.

    I know someone who completed law school in Europe and had to attend law school all over again in the U.S. to practice here. Granted, he can now practice in two countries, but what good does that do if he does not use that advantage?

    Waste of your time and money. Wait. Or stay in the U.S. while your husband goes.

  2. pam_spirit on May 16th, 2009 1:48 am

    You might find a US law school with a program in Italy. I know two that have such programs in Spain. You attend some in the US and some in Spain. Both programs I looked at required fluency in Spanish and I would expect the same in any other country, so that may be an issue for you too.

    You will need to attend an ABA-accredited school if you want to sit for the state bar (there used to be a couple exceptions, not sure of current but aba website had the info).